Keeping cooking skills alive

Inn Churches is partnering with Jamie’s Ministry of Food to deliver cooking courses where community groups and local people can get hands-on cooking experience, along with friendly advice on recipes, ingredients, shopping and nutrition, local and seasonal food.

“Cooking is one of the most important things we can ever learn in life, and with the right sort of information and teaching absolutely anyone can cook. It’s wonderful, it’s fun and once you know how, you’ve got control over your life and health.”
Jamie Oliver

The courses are fun, friendly and welcoming; they are suitable for beginners, people with all abilities, and people who enjoy cooking. We work with eight year olds upwards

Our aim is to empower, educate and inspire as many people as possible to cook great tasting healthy food for themselves and their families, helping them to understand:

  • healthy eating
  • food safety in the kitchen
  • a range of different cooking methods
  • how to improve your cooking skills

…whilst having fun and meeting new friends!

Upcoming Events

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